40 Pedestal Sink and Storage Design Ideas

The function of storage in a house is paramount. Without making a storage, you are not able to put all your toiletries and items such as toothpaste, toilet tissues, hair brushes, body scrubs, soaps, and etc. Nothing is more important than having storage near your lovely bathroom.

All you need are the right pieces to take advantage of the space you do have, such as floating shelves, and stools. Also in order is a good purging session to get rid of all those unnecessary shampoo bottles, faded towels, and old toiletries that are adding clutter. If you’re renovating there are plenty of space-saving elements you can incorporate into the design, including a shower alcove and a vanity with built-in storage.

If you feel that it is important to make sure that your bathroom is clutter-free, organized, and relaxing, here are 40 Pedestal Sink and Storage Design Ideas that will help you do just that. There are so many ways to utilize small spaces that your bathroom has, like behind the door, above the toilet, under the cabinet, and even above the door!

Hang Spice racks

small bathroom sink units

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Hang spice racks (like the IKEA BEKVAM shown here from Serena Kelley) on the wall to organize makeup.

Bathroom Mirrors

bathroom mirrors

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Perhaps you’re on the market for a piece that will hide the unsightly bathroom fundamentals. Craft this clever shelf that will hide behind the sink and keep all your unmentionables within reach.

Bathroom Vanities

bathroom vanities

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Pipe is an obvious choice for any DIY when you’re going for an industrial look. Keep it going even in the bathroom with these black pipe shelves. They’ll give your bathroom storage a sleek pop. (via 7th House On The Left)

Mirror Mounted Towel Shelf

chrome wall mounted towel shelf

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Who ever complained about having an extra mirror in the bathroom? Especially when you live with girls. DIY this mirror cabinet that will also serve as a hidden storage space. (via Shanty 2 Chic)

Wall Mount Bathroom Sink

wall mount bathroom sink

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Thinking you need a storage solution that’s modern and simple? You found it right here. Straightforward boxes on the wall create a clean aesthetic that will flow with the rest of your modern home.

Rolling Sink

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Everybody wants a rolling barn door nowadays. If you’ve been pining over a lack of funds, create yourself a miniature version for your bathroom! It’s a great way to hide bathroom necessities like toilet paper and feminine products.

Old Sink Bathroom

bathroom vanities

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Pallets are a dime a dozen. You might even have one or two sitting in your garage. Repurpose them into vertical shelves that will give your bathroom storage wherever you might need it.

Bathroom Under Counter Storage

bathroom under counter storage

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hese bins are great for small items! There’s a fantastic tutorial on how to do this.  { Cabinet Door Storage Bins }

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Glass Jars

bathroom organization hair dryer

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Pretty up the lids of glass jars that sit on the counter for your cotton balls and make up wipes.

Pallets Storage

narrow linen cabinet

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Build custom shelving like these made with pallets! { Custom Shelving Storage }

Organization For Bathroom

organization for bathroom

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Here is a great way to declutter under the cabinet and use most of the ‘dead’ space.

Above Door Storage

medicine cabinet storage ideas

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A shelf above the door is a great way to add more storage to a small bathroom.

Basket Storage

bathroom wall cabinet with towel bar

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A wire hanging basket like this one is great for toys and allows them to drip dry! Besides ,who wants to take a bath with rubber duckies staring at you?

Kids Toys Storage

cube storage

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I know I have shared this idea before but hanging buckets is a great way to organize stuff in the bathroom. They’d be great for the kids’ toys too!

Untangled Sink

creative bathroom storage

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Sometimes it gets hectic trying to get ready when your curling iron and blow dryer are all tangled up in the drawer! This helps to keel them untangled.

Mason Jars

bathroom drawer cabinet

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Mason Jars are great containers to hold little items and you can install them on a board by the sink!

Behind Door Sink

under sink cabinet organizer

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If you love lotions, body sprays, and perfumes and have a lot of them- you can find little shelves in the photo frame sections and use the space behind the door!

Pedestal Sink Storage Bathtub

pedestal sink cad block

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Do you have a bathtub in your bathroom? You can use it too. As mentioned before, everything in your house looks like hidden gems. The bathtub is one of your pedestal sink storage options.

Built-In Sink

orion pedestal sink

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This solution is for those who want to renovate their tiny bathroom. Your small-sized bathroom is not your big problem anymore when you are able to create some built-ins. It means that you build storage in your wall. This must be the most wonderful idea ever.

By making built-in storages, you do not need any space. You are not in trouble with your super small bathroom areas. Most importantly, this idea is still budget-friendly for you. It can definitely be said that one built-in is useful for your life time.

Mini Iron Pedestal Sink

pedestal sink with vessel bowl

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It is much better if your makeup organizer is on rotating stand. So, it will ease you when you looking for skin care, makeups or toiletries. Revolve your makeup organizer and you can easily find the product like you want.

Stand Sink

bathroom furniture sale

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If you do not get or have a stand sink, do not worry! You all have plastic plates, don’t you? You can choose white, pink or any color of your favorite. Make a DIY storage by using two plastic plates. Do not forget the function of candlestick too! It will help to connect between 2 plastic plates.

Pots Sink storage

pedestal sink prices

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There are 2 famous pots sink, the rustic and modern plastic one. Using terra cotta pots as pedestal sink storage will throw your problem away. You can get the bonus too because terra cotta pot gives luxury look to your small bathroom.

Floor Cabinets

corner bathroom sink cabinet

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Floor cabinets are basically as same as with wall cabinets. The function and sizes might be different. According to its name, you only put slender floor cabinet on your floor. It has some drawers to put your bathroom supplies too.

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Shoe Organizer

bathroom furniture stores

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Actually, you may shop shoe organizer and find it around pedestal sink storage stores. Do not get wrong! Plastic-made shoe organizer also becomes one of the new solutions for small bathroom owners.

Divided Box

21 inch pedestal sink

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If you only have some basic toiletries in your bathroom such as toothpaste, liquid soap, hair brush, shampoo and facial wash, you can put them in divided box. This will be your coolest storage ever.

Divided box is available in various material. You can look for wooden divided box, plastic divided box or iron divided box. This small and quite long divided box will bring you in complete peace of mind.

Ladder Storage

bone pedestal sink

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Sometimes, small bathroom makes you get confused. It is indeed true because you are urged to find the most clever solution. Small room means that you must not put something wide in size. So, it is understood because there is no large room in your bathroom.

You can use a ladder to solve all your clutters. The ladder will help you to tidy up your necessities. You can put your towel, toiletries, toilet paper on ladder tiers vertically.

Tiny Table for Powder Room

dual pedestal sinks

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Powder room literally means women private bathroom. There is no shower in the powder room. Because it only consists of a sink, toilet, towel and a storage. You can easily find out the bathroom in public places.

You can put an artistic wooden tiny table near your sink. This tiny table will work as powder room pedestal sink storage. Do not forget to look at a tiny table with some drawers.

The Curtain Storage

kohler soaking tub

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The curtain is not only used for window, but also for storage. This curtain is obviously vital element especially when you are having open pedestal sink storage. A pedestal sink storage with curtain is helpful to cover all your stuff.

You can buy curtain like you want. You may shop floral-themed curtain or white curtain. White-colored curtain wins all small bathroom owner hearts. Do not forget to choose open storage with curtain holder.

Pedestal Sink Storage Solutions

pedestal sink installation kit

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It actually does not matter whether you own small or large bathroom. The problem is if you do not create a special storage for your mini bathroom. You can use pedestal sink storage shelves. It can be made easily by yourself too.

Hanging on shelves near your toilet, above your bathroom door or your pedestal sink. Interestingly, you can put many items on your shelves. If you own a lot of toiletries and toilet paper, it must be good to hang some shelves.

Under Pedestal Sink Storage Cabinet

cabinet to fit around pedestal sink

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You wanna keep your bathroom essentials well-organized, right? It is the right time to implement your brilliant idea. You can tidy up all stuff by having pedestal sink storage cabinet. It is very worthy to spend your money for buying a cabinet. The white-colored cabinet must be a nice thing.

Pedestal Sink Wall Bracket

pedestal sink wall bracket

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Are you looking for a simple yet fantastic idea? Go for pedestal sink storage basket! Basket in this context is a wooden basket or wicker basket, but the plastic basket is great too. You may overlook wooden basket at first because you usually put all fruits and bread in your wooden basket.

You can have extra storage by hanging your wooden basket. If you need more storage spaces, you must prepare more wooden baskets. The Wooden basket has a brown color, which is a neutral color. It will work for any color of bathroom walls. You can also put a wooden or plastic basket under pedestal sink.

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Add a Petite Stool or Table

kids toy room

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“I love bringing non-bathroom furniture into the room. It doesn’t have that same overly sanitary feel and makes everything cozier.”

Make Your Shower Disappear

closet storage cabinets

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“This is one more way to elevate the eye you don’t want to see over a curtain into a tiny shower. Instead, create the impression that there could be something much bigger behind there by raising your shower rod as high as you can and getting a curtain that goes all the way to the floor. Or, if you have a door to the shower, make it full height as well. And with as little hardware as possible the whole point of a glass door is to disappear. It shouldn’t be interrupted by a big handle or clunky hinges.”

Keep Materials Consistent

storage ideas under pedestal sink

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In a larger bathroom, maybe you can get away with wood floors and a mosaic tile backsplash with a slab marble wall. But in a small space, things should be consistent and streamlined the eye shouldn’t stop at the top of the wall. I recommend staying in the neutral color family for small bathrooms and definitely painting the ceiling to match, whether you’re going dark to match black subway tile and black grout or a light gray to go with a smoky travertine.

Evict the Nonessentials

cloth organizer

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When you’re dealing with a small space, there’s no room for the ugly stuff get it out, now. A toilet brush and toilet brush holder do not need to live in here move them under the kitchen sink or to a cleaning closet.

Edit Your Toiletries

open closet systems

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Be honest: How many shampoos do you really use? It’s always a good idea to take stock of your personal grooming products and streamline. Edit them down to the few you actually need. If you can’t stand to get rid of them, store the extras elsewhere and swap them in later. You’ll be amazed at how much space you’ll discover on your shelves and in the cabinets once you make the purge.

When It Comes to Storage, Think Outside the Bath

jewelry making storage

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If you have room, I love an étagère. But if the space is too small, bring in a whatnot it’s a piece of furniture literally made to fit into awkward corners. Maybe put one between the commode and the sink and use the open shelving to display stacks of white towels, beautiful perfume bottles on nice trays, all the pretty things.

Get Creative with Your Fittings

discount closet organizers

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A wall-mounted faucet is a very smart space-saver. Not only does it give you bonus counter space, it’s actually much easier to clean.

Rethink Your Sink

toy storage box

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Pedestal sinks can be attractive and have a nice vintage quality, but they’re not great when it comes to storage. You’re dealing with a basin you can barely put a bar of soap on! If you have a lot of accouterments, go with a console sink with a flat top or a converted cabinet with an undermount sink. You’ll have so much extra space, whether it’s to hang towels or store things behind doors or in drawers.

If you do not take a bath in a bathtub regularly, it is a bright idea to turn your ordinary bathtub into pedestal sink storage. You can put your towels, liquid soaps, shampoos on the corner of the bathtub.

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