DIY And Crafts Marbled Ornaments

Since our marbling projects did so well this year, we decided to make DIY marbled ornaments!! We tried a few different ways to make them and found that the easiest and most effective way is actually very simple!! We ended up just using enamel paint (has to be enamel!), clear ornaments and a little water to create these colorful ornaments and they turned out festive and beautiful! So, of course, we were going to marble with dark blue nail polish this year. And you guys, it was so easy! It really took us five minutes to do a dozen ornaments. I’m pretty proud of of our marbled ornaments. They look so beautiful on the tree. See the how-to below and happy crafting!!
DIY And Crafts Marbled Ornaments - diy,crafts,marbled,ornaments 1


white glass ornaments (or these), dark blue nail polish, disposable plastic container, rubber gloves, stir stick, nail polish remover, wax paper, room temp water

Step 1:

Fill plastic container 3/4 full with room temperature water. I used a 28 oz container. And when I say room temp, I really mean that. If it’s too cold, the polish will sink, if it’s too warm, my polish seemed more sticky. Another tip: Use a new bottle of nail polish. We tried some other colors that I had on stock and the older polish definitely did not work as well.

Step 2:

Start to pour nail polish gently into the water. A little polish goes a long way. The more polish you put in the water, the more coverage your ornament gets.

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Step 3.

Lightly stir polish on the water with your stir stick to make a marble look in water.

Step 4.

Dip the ornament under the water and swirl. Since the ornaments have a topper on them, you don’t necessarily have to wear gloves for this project. You can just hold the topper and dip. But when marbling things, like eggs, you should wear gloves.

Step 5.

Dry the ornaments. You can lay the ornaments down on wax paper to dry or create a drying rack with foam and pins.

You can use any nail polish color you want, we just have an indigo obsession. You can also mix colors, which Calla loved trying when we were done with the blue. Can’t wait to see what you guys create! Happy Holidays!


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