DIY Easter Bunny Door Burlap Hanging Tutorial

I like making my own decoration! However what I like much more is easy decoration, much like this cute bunny door made with burlap and also simply some simple decorations. This wonderful bunny door hanging is the excellent enhancement to your Spring time as well. Easter style and also it’s fuss cost-free. You can also make it without stitching, simply make use of fabric and glue. This bunny is so cute you’ll most likely want a pair for the within your house too.

Bunny Door Hanger Tutorial

Exactly how to make Easter little bunnies. You do not even need to take out the stitching machine or stitching needle! It’s additionally a wonderful DIY craft to do with the children. Insanely easy to make, this project took about 30 mins from beginning to end!

First, here’s what you’ll need (download it) :

There’ll be a link to a blog post below and my blog post will have the PDF for you there’s four different PDF you get an inner and an outer this is the head

Here’s the tip when you are printing these make sure your printer is set to scale 100% if your printer is set to scale to fit what that means is one of them may print the right size and this one may scale down to fit on the page so you don’t want to do that, you want them both to print at a hundred percent to get you the full size now, if for some reason they do that don’t panic it’s not gonna be much off and all you’ll have to do is just kind of line these two up and adjust this edge won’t be a big deal it’ll be a little bit smaller than mine, but not by a whole lot but just remember you want to print them at scale 100% don’t tell it to scale to fit because then it’ll shrink it down okay.

For this project, you’re going to need

  • burlap (size depends on how big you want your bunny)
  • polyfill stuffing
  • scissors
  • pen ( if you do manual for body bunny)
  • tulle
  • glue gun
  • paint ( if you want coloring your bunny )
  • paintbrush
  • wire ( for hanger it or you can use burlap)
  • pliers
We found everything we needed at Walmart. We looked first for a burlap, and we could make the size we needed. We did take a little time, but all the steps are simple and the supplies are very easy to find.  I think using wire, was perfect! It went together really easily, and the price couldn’t be beat!
  1. The first thing you need to do is draw out your shape in burlap to with your printing bunny ( or you can decided to draw) .
  2. If you keep your burlap doubled, you’ll only have to cut once.
  3. Painting a border around the edge like this gives it a more of a need professional finish I think.
  4. With the wire wrapped in the center, go ahead and cut the loops.
  5. Then just start fluffing it out.
  6. Now to make the hanger, I just used some cording or use wire with pliers
  7. And finally done!
  8. Now go hang your bunny door hanger and admire your beautiful work!

DIY Hanger Bunny burlap with this video

DIY Easter Bunny Door Burlap Hanging Tutorial - bunny,door,hanger 1
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