DIY Easter Bunny Door Hanger Tutorial

How would you like to turn your missing sock problem into a quick and easy way to make everyone smile this Easter, or all year round? I love making my own home decor! But what I love even more is simple, shabby decor, just like this adorable bunny door hanger made with burlap and just some simple embellishments. Insanely easy to make, this project took about 15 minutes from start to finish!

This lovely bunny door hanger is the perfect addition to your Spring and Easter decor and it’s fuss free. You can even make it without sewing, just use fabric glue. But I love sewing so I always find an excuse to sew something up. This bunny is so cute you’ll probably want a couple for the inside of your home too (or is it just me? lol)

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Bunny Door Hanger Tutorial

Atahiya is teaching us how to make darling little bunnies out of socks. The very best part? You don’t even have to pull out the sewing machine or sewing needle! It’s also a great DIY craft to do with the kids.

First, here’s what you’ll need:


  • paper
  • pen
  • burlap (size depends on how big you want your bunny)
  • Scissors
  • matching thread
  • lighter
  • poly fill stuffing
  • embellishments of choice (I used a flower and a little bow and made my own pom pom to use as tail)
  • safety pins (or glue gun if you want to glue your embellishments on)
  • wire
  • pliers with round tip
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  • Draw a bunny (it really doesn’t have to be perfect so no stress!)
  • Fold burlap in half and pin the template to burlap.
  • Cut around template then pin fabrics together and sew around your bunny with 1/4″ allowance
  • Leave a gap for stuffing your bunny.
  • Take your lighter and gently burn all the raw edges.
  • Stuff your bunny with poly-fill then sew the gap closed.
  • Attach the flower, bow and tail using safety pins.
  • Stick wire through the ears, cut to size then curl the ends using round tip pliers.
  • Now go hang your bunny door hanger and admire your beautiful work!

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what you’ll need:

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